Organised chaos By John Boon

An organised boat will lead to many of these special moments

You’ve worked your butt off all day trying to reinforce that you are the fishermen that you say you are. You’ve worked ledges, snags and rock bars but so far the action just hasn’t happened. When it all feels like it has been lost and you pull into one final spot on the way home. …

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Suspending Success – By Dan Kaggelis

One of the larger barra from the school. The orange-coloured lures were a real hit and most definitely my favourite colour.

One of the biggest advantages hardbody lures have over soft plastics is the ability to suspend. Being able to wind a lure down to a desired depth and get it to sit right in the face of a fish is very hard to beat. Barra in particular are an absolute sucker for a suspended lure…

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It’s Not Just a Barra Lure – By Curtis Waterman

This colour named “Axel” was a standout for the trip.

I’m not sure if you’d believe this or not, but working for a lure company has its perks! We like to use the phrase “someone’s gotta do it”, and this year “it” was a trip to Australia’s Northern Territory to do the filming and testing for the brand new Halco TBarra 80. Like proud parents…

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Deep Drop Fishing – Setting up – By Gyula Vari

Searching and exploring the depths.

If you have contemplated fishing deeper but haven’t yet had the opportunity, or just need a bit of a nudge to get out there and give this style of fishing a go, you will find this article particularly useful. As I have said in my previous deep drop fishing articles, this method of fishing is…

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Digging Deeper – By David Hodge

The super deep diving Halco 80mm Poltergeist is a great lure for bouncing through structure.

I’m a bit of a traditionalist in many ways, and when it comes to my fishing, and at the risk of being left behind in the technology stakes, I still love using my eyes and ears to indicate what and where I should cast next. Picking a small gap up in a drain, or skipping…

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Fishing Knives – By Dick Eussen

Ian Leighton hard at work filleting a barra for lunch.

Everyone has their own idea what a fishing knife should be, and it ranges from proper fillet, boning, hunting and butcher knives. There is no shortage of choice and over the decades I have formed my own idea what a fishing knife is all about, though for most people the choice is a simple filleting…

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The Legend of Herculez – By John Boon

The Rocky NFZ barra population gives the Herculez swim bait the thumbs up.

Before you go any further, you’re not going to find any information in this article on the mythical Greek hero, after all this is a bloody fishing magazine of course. What I am going to tell you about is a cool new lure that’s hit the market from Zman called the Herculez swim bait. If…

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Lure Colour and Contrast – Part 2 – By David Hodge

For some reason pink works very well in a wide variety of water colour, is this the one colour to rule them all for us?

It’s really hard to let such a topic like the last months one I wrote go when you feel there were so many things you could have added, but ran out of space. After talking with our editor about the expansion of relatable items associated with the topic, he thought it a good idea to…

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Tough as HerculeZ – By Dan Kaggelis

Vinnie Versfeld was lucky enough to test run the HerculeZ on some Faust barra and the results speak for themselves.

Z Man’s reputation for developing quality, tough, fish catching soft plastics is well known not only in Australia but across the world. Its hard to find an underperformer across their entire range with some plastics like the swimmer, diesel minnow and frog range having an almost cult like following amongst anglers. Every time a new…

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Lure Size, Colour and Contrast – By David Hodge

Deceptively clear, the Lumo 6” Halco Paddle Prawn seems to work best in this environment, even though our instincts were to use it at night and in dirty water.

Each and every angler has their own personal favourite colour, and that is that one that we tie on when it’s a bit quiet. New and shiny or old and banged up, doesn’t really matter as long as the colour scheme, model, depth etc is identical to the one that caught the most fish last…

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Big Lures And Big Fish – By Dick Eussen

Use big lures for big fish as Ian and Ann Leighton well know.

I am a firm believer that if you want to catch a big fish use a big lure, and while that may get me a few laughs I reckon my record of catching big fish on big lures stands up. Yes, I have caught big fish on miniature lures, especially rubbers, but most of my…

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Jacks, at Surface Value – By David Hodge

A great casting, easily worked and tough lure, the Bassday Sugarpen is a great long distance calm water teasing type lure that really gets fish going in low light conditions.

Sorry about being a while since my last article, as life sort of got in the road for a little while. Not that we haven’t found the time to fish, just the time to document some of the action. When it comes to lure casting targets, the angry mangrove jacks that are so prevalent in…

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Going soft on top – By Luke Galea

– Little flattie such as this are the perfect eating size and I have no qualms taking a couple home like this for a feed as they are fast growing and not the big breeding females.

When it comes to using artificial lures to catch fish, then the humble flathead would surely have to be one of the most reliable target options going around. They are easily accessible to both land-based and boat fishermen, taste great and given the fact we are approaching my preferred time of year to catch these…

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Reef Plastics – By Dave Donald

Just another classic doldrums day in paradise!

To my mind, it was a natural progression – that may have been hastened after suffering badly bruised lower ribs courtesy of having a rod butt repeatedly slammed into my midriff while frantically jerking metal and lead head jigs back to the surface around reef areas and bait schools. Almost two decades ago, I decided…

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The Boomer Journey – By Duncan Webster

Boomer Anchors

I started the Boomer All Terrain Anchor journey in 2005 when we lost two anchors in quick succession. We got snagged on the same reef twice and had to cut the rope and leave our anchors, chains and about 40 metres of rope behind each time. One anchor was a grapnel style bent prong version…

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Lock it in – with a Tailfin. By Anthony Gomes

Tailfin water rail

I’ve always maintained that ‘every boat is a compromise’. In saying this, what is meant is that you can never really get everything you want or need in the one boat. There’s always things like additional room and comfort, more fishing space, more storage, a longer or shorter boat, etc. With all this in mind,…

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An Experts Guide to Australian Builder’s Plates

If you have built, modified, or imported a boat after September 2006, then you are legally required to have a compliant Australian Builder’s Plate. Or if you’re a boat owner seeking to upgrade your engine or getting your vessel re-rated for a larger capacity, the KPS Maritime team can advise whether these changes are achievable…

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QUINTREX Making Waves in 2021 – By Dominic Fry

The reinvigorated Top Ender 540 handles beautifully. The upgrades make it a pleasure to be in.

The team at the iconic Australian boat manufacturer Quintrex is set to release five reinvigorated models in the near future. The Fishabout, Top Ender, Cruiseabout, Ocean Spirit and Hornet have all been remodelled, rebadged and will hit the water in June! I had the pleasure of testing a few models on a cool and blustery…

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Prawnology – By John Boon

Holt Productions swim prawn

Prawn imitation lures have been around for a long time. It seems though that over recent times “prawning” has ramped right up. By prawning I mean anglers tying on their own preference of artificial prawn and looking to fool the almighty into thinking it’s the real deal. So many variations of prawn lures; size, colour,…

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Pimp my Rig: Part 2 – By John Boon

In part 1 we discussed using circle hook flasher style rigs and the results from a little bit of thinking outside the square. This time we will be looking at a similar style of flasher that we have been trialing out on the reef, but the main difference between the two types is that this…

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