An Experts Guide to Australian Builder’s Plates

If you have built, modified, or imported a boat after September 2006, then you are legally required to have a compliant Australian Builder’s Plate.

Or if you’re a boat owner seeking to upgrade your engine or getting your vessel re-rated for a larger capacity, the KPS Maritime team can advise whether these changes are achievable within operational and safety limits and issue your new ABP.

But firstly, let’s recap what an ABP is…

1: What is an Australian Builder’s Plate?

Measuring approximately 8.5cm by 14.5cm, an Australian Builder’s Plate or ABP is a plaque that provides essential information about a recreational vessel’s capability and capacity.

It provides key details such as:

  • Person capacity.
  • Maximum loading.
  • Outboard engine rating and weight.
  • Buoyancy performance (for boats less than 6m).

The team at KPS Maritime certify and supply ABPs to both dealerships and individual boat owners.

Formosa Tomahawk 740BR with twin Honda BF200

Formosa Tomahawk 740BR with twin Honda BF200

2: Case Study: Formosa Tomahawk 740BR re-rated for increased power and passenger numbers

KPS Maritime recently had a request from a Canberra-based dealer to re-rate a Formosa Tomahawk 740BR for increased power and passenger numbers.

The Formosa Tomahawk was fitted with a twin Honda BF200 and the owner not only wanted an increase in horsepower, but also an increase in carrying capacity.

Nick and the team at KPS Maritime changed out the twin Honda BF200, which weighed 568kg and had a horsepower of 400 originally to a single Yamaha F425 with a dry weight of 448kg and a horsepower of 425.

The increased power rating from 400 to 425 horsepower and the saved 120kgs allowed the owner to carry an extra person.

2003 Snyper 4.6 metre which has been re-rated for bigger outboard motor by KPS Maritime

2003 Snyper 4.6 metre which has been re-rated for bigger outboard motor by KPS Maritime

3: Case Study: 2003 Snyper 4.6 metre re-rated for bigger outboard 

In another case study, a customer approached KPS Maritime directly as he wanted his 2003 Snyper 4.6 metre boat re-rated for bigger outboard motor.

The 2003 Snyper 4.6 originally had a Yamaha 40hp 2 stroke engine and the owner wanted to increase the horsepower and the transom (motor) weight.

The experienced team of marine surveyors and certifiers at KPS Maritime reviewed the vessel details provided, conducted the necessary calculations and advised the customer of his options. The end result being that the customer was able to increase his engine size from 40 to 60 horsepower with improved performance, load capacity and reduced fuel consumption.

A sample Australian Builders Plate from KPS Maritime

A sample Australian Builders Plate from KPS Maritime

4: 4 Steps to Get An ABP

  1. Complete an online application form with KPS Maritime at will receive an obligation-free response in 48 hours.
  2. Assessment & advice. Nick and the experienced marine surveyors and certifiers at KPS Maritime will review the vessel details provided, run the calculations and advise you of your options.
  3. Australian Builder’s Plate issued. ABPs are certified and produced weekly. The team at KPS Maritime will ship the ABPs within 4-8 days of payment.
  4. Re-rating Statement. Once the ABP plate is issued, KPS Maritime will email you a re-rating statement PDF outlining the revised powering and carrying capacities. This may be required by your insurer.
  5. Affix ABP plaque at home. The self-adhesive plaque is easy to install on your boat. KPS Maritime will request photographic proof that your ABP has been installed.

5: Who Is KPS Maritime?

KPS Maritime is your first point of call for Australian Builder’s Plates and Marine Surveys.

Drawing on more than 30 years experience working with powered and sailing vessels of various designs and construction methods, KPS Maritime is the trusted authority by boat owners and dealerships alike.

From 30-metre luxury yachts to 3-metre dinghies, our inspection work and compliance measures – including Australian Builder’s Plates – are done to exacting standards to ensure the right advice is always provided.

Based on the Gold Coast, KPS Maritime have undertaken projects across Australia and regularly handle work throughout the Pacific and South-East Asia.


  1. Obligation free response within 48 hours.KPS Maritime won’t charge you unless they can help you. Submit your ABP request today!
  2. Prompt service and delivery.KPS Maritime’s Australian Builder’s Plates are processed, manufactured and shipped weekly, generally within 4-8 business days from order.
  3. Compliant with Boat Regulations.KPS Maritime’sAustralian Builder’s Plates are compliant with the Australian Builder’s Plate regulation.
  4. Thousands of happy boat owners.KPS Maritimeare the largest (by number) certifiers of Australian Builder’s Plates (ABPs) and they supply to all states and territories.
  5. 30 Years’ Industry Experience. KPS Maritime have been in the industry for 30 years and their founder, Nick Lockyer is the current president of Marine Surveyors’ Association.

7: Request A New ABP Today!

If you are looking at upgrading your vessel and having it re-rated or if you require an ABP, submit your obligation-free request online at today.