QLD sharks travelling big distances

The crew at Ocearch have been generating some cool data on shark movements in QLD.

Following an east coast expedition back in 2015, the team have followed some big beasts with some incredible distances travelled.

Ned, a 7’6″ tiger shark was tagged in Cairns on February 18, 2015 and by June 1, 2015, he had made his way up to Papua New Guinea.

Further south, Jedda, a Fraser Island region tiger shark has clocked up thousands of kilometres travelling all over the Fraser Coast.

Tagged on February 2 2015, the near 12 foot mature female monster has cruised as far north as Lady Musgrave Reef, visited Bundy and Woodgate and played in Platypus Bay.

Research expeditions are conducted aboard the MV OCEARCH, which serves as an at-sea laboratory.

A cool feature of the work Ocearch do is their real time shark monitoring that can be viewed on their website.

Check out more at www.ocearch.org