Evolution 652:Enclosed

Launching their new QLD partnership with Springwood Marine at the 2015 Brisbane Boat Show, Evolution Boats wasted no time impressing local boaties when they turned up with the 652 Enclosed (652). Having sold in southern states for over a decade, Evolution Boats designed the 652 for ‘hard core’ anglers wanting a fully functional vessel, with a few home comforts.

Whilst at the show, it was clear that the 652 turned heads. Its sheer size and immaculate finish provided patrons with a good example of a quality boat-build. Following the show, I was able to review the 652 on the Gold Coast to see how things stacked up on the water.

The specs

Including the pod and bowsprit, the 652 measures in at a lengthy 7.2m with a beam of 2.49m. Hull weight comes in at 1800kgs with the twin 200s on the rear taking the 652 to just over 3000kgs on the trailer. There is no doubt about it, this boat designed for the ‘out-wide’ fisherman, looks as menacing on the trailer as it does powering through the swell.

A key to the build quality of the 652 is the amount of work that has gone into the design and construction of the hull. Evolution Boats owner Paul Junginger is an award winning shipwright and has poured all of his expertise into constructing this purpose-built fishing vessel. Fibreglass matting is hand laid which Junginger says helps ensure consistency and balance. The hull also remains in the mould while the stringers, floor and bunks are assembled and the sub-floor is foam injected. All elements that help create a hull that is super stable and rattle free! The deadrise is relatively deep at 21 degrees.

As mentioned, the 652 is a heavy boat and in need of some serious outboard power. It’s rated from 225 – 350hp. At test, the 652 was equipped with twin 200hp Evinrude E-TEC G2s. These 3.4L V6 two-strokes looked every bit as tough as the rest of the boat and I had no doubt when preparing to make way that they would get this 3 tonne beast on the plane quick-smart.


In terms of features, the boat has been fitted out with comfort and practicality in mind. Starting with the features that can be measured in litres, the 652 boasts twin live bait tanks, 2 x 220L kill tanks, 450L of dry storage, 60L of water storage and a 140L ice box. Fishing gear includes a GRP bait board with high-pressure washers, 16ft outriggers and recessed tackle boxes.

The electrics are impressive. The 652 as tested came loaded with an Evinrude MFD data screen, a Simrad NSS 12-inch display and a fusion sound system, for those who like to party while they fish. Three batteries are standard with one for each motor and one for the ‘house’.

Dry storage space is plentiful with heaps of space for wallets, tackle, clothes, food, etc. Full-length storage spaces are also built into the deck to allow for the safe storage of rods and a gaff. The cabin is spacious and has enough room for an adult to lie down at full length. The cabin also had a toilet and small stove. The deck has plenty of room so four people fishing for a day would be quite comfortable. The 652 can carry a maximum of 6 people.

I have to say, I was really looking forward to getting to the throttle of this boat. At test, the wind was blowing around 10-15knots and a moderate swell was rolling through the Southport Seaway. Going through the seaway was a breeze. The 652 cut through the swell with total ease. Outside, the 652 handled the conditions without a hitch. The enclosure kept us dry and the line of sight from the helm was excellent.

The power of this boat was as expected. With a top speed of 105km/h, the 652 is a vessel made for maximum fishing time, less travelling time. At 3000rpm, the 652 returned 48kmh for 40lt/hr. At 4000rpm, 64kmh for 50ltr/hr. At these specs, the 300L fuel tank gives the 652 a range of roughly 200nm. One thing that really impressed me was the power steering. The 652 was just so easy to maneuver which surprised me given its weight. The boat planed rapidly and once there, the trim was easily managed through the fully recessed Lenco trim tabs.S2


The 652 is a top-shelf trailer fishing boat. It is well crafted and handles exceptionally well on the water. The model as tested including the twin 200hp Evinrude E-TEC G2s is $189,000. If you can manage to cut back on some of the bells and whistles and are happy to run on a single outboard, variations of the 652 are available from $129,000.

For more information go to www.evolutionboats.com.au or www.springwoodmarine.com.au also on 07 3297 8200