New Suzuki 300B duo prop now in Australia

Suzuki Marine is proud to introduce the new DF300B. This outboard quite simply carries the same DNA as our flagship outboard, the DF350A. The new DF300B strikes the perfect balance between awesome power and thrust with outstanding fuel-efficiency and trusted reliability all in a lightweight and stylish design.

What sets this outboard apart in this category is Suzuki’s “Dual Prop” system, which is a contra-rotating, six blade propeller design, a world first in a 300 horsepower four-stroke outboard. It’s an all-new experience that provides blistering acceleration and extreme cornering grip in this horsepower category.

Whether you’re pushing heavy loads in a commercial operation or want that extra lift out of the hole in your sports or fishing boat the new DF300B is built for every-day use. The proven 4.4 litre block gives tremendous torque making it the largest displacement V6 on the market today. It has been engineered to run on 91 RON fuel, features our Lean Burn technology and 10.5:1 compression ratio. You simply have the right combination of performance, reliability and economical running costs.

With six blades rotating under the water’s surface, the materials of the new DF300B gears are ultra-strong to withstand high loads and feature special heat treatment to give additional strength and reliability. Not only does this configuration record high speeds under heavy loads it also produces a strong reverse thrust aiding in greater manoeuvrability.

The Dual Louver System at the air intake incorporates a double shield of blades, each one designed in a dog-leg shape. This system helps remove water from the air and prevents water to be taken into the cowl. As a result, intake air is free of moisture and kept close to ambient temperature for ultimate performance.

The DF300B also receives dual injectors for both cooling and power. Injecting fuel achieves two things, it atomises the fuel and it cools the cylinder. To provide the power and cooling needed, the fuel must be injected at precisely the right time and angle. The all new Dual Injector System uses two smaller injectors giving immense precision, improved atomisation and increased fuel efficiency.

Ty Hawkins, National Manager – Service & Warranty says “The new DF300B adds to the line-up of our proven next generation 4.4 litre V6 dual prop power plants that have been in the market for the past two years with our DF325A and DF350A horsepower models. Designed to push heavier boats or for those customers that are looking for the next level of acceleration without sacrificing speed, then the DF300B is well worth considering. Suzuki Marine has been the power of choice for many years as our outboards are highly regarded for their reliability, quality, fuel efficiency (with Lean Burn technology) and exceptional performance,”

The new DF300B is available now in white or black colour options from your local Suzuki Marine dealer. It comes in either a 25 or 30 inch shaft length and ready to be paired up with Suzuki’s Precision Control system. All Suzuki outboards (DF2.5–DF350A) are backed by the new ultimate 3+3 year warranty which provides customers with further support, security and peace of mind. For more information, pricing and other enquiries, contact your local Suzuki Marine dealer or visit