Crumbed Whiting Fillets – By Anthony Davies

The end result. A delicious whiting meal.

This month’s recipe is both simple and simply delicious, particularly when you use whiting fillets. Whiting are possibly the best tasting of all estuarine fish, and presented as boneless crumbed fillets they will find favour with the fussiest. The step by step instructions will benefit those new to filleting and cooking fish, and the recipe…

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Crab Shell Chowder – By Anthony Davies

Serve with crusty bread and a garnish of chopped chives.

Have you ever wished you could do something with all that yummy flavour left behind in the shell scraps after you’ve eaten a crab? I certainly have , which is why I came up with this easy recipe for a crab shell based chowder that’s great for the cooler months. Picked crab shells will keep…

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Spicy Thai Trevally Koftas – By Anthony Davies

Serve with a Thai salad.

Thai food is regarded as tasty by most people, trevally less so , although smaller specimens of white-fleshed trevors like tea-leaf, bigeye and GT are actually excellent table fish. This recipe combines the exotic flavours of the far east with a middle eastern staple. Koftas are traditionally made with minced lamb or goat moulded into…

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Oven Baked Catfish and Veggies – By Anthony Davies

Lydia kept the baked fish warm in the oven for ages while we were held up at the airport, it was still delicious.

Aussie anglers generally despise catfish. I cover this subject in more detail in this issue’s Featured Fish on page 18, suffice to say I believe this opinion is unjustified. The rest of the planet farms, catches and consumes catfish in huge quantities, indeed in Australia “Freshwater Basa” , a.k.a. farmed Mekong catfish, and “Silver Cobbler”…

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BBQ Crispy Skin Bream – By Anthony Davies

Serve with your preferred sides.

These days covered BBQ grills like the Weber “Q” and Ziegler & Brown’s “Ziggy” are very fashionable and popular. They use less gas and are easier to clean than the flat plate barbies grandad used to cremate his steak, and the covered cooking method produces a more flavorsome result with better-retained moisture. They are also…

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Pisces & Pesto Shepherd’s Pie – By Anthony Davies

Serve with salad or stir-fry veggies.

The Flavour for this month is a quick and easy one pan meal that can utilise our less prestigious captures, turning that tricky snapper, trevally or tuna into something tasty. If you’re into Star Signs you’ll know that the symbol for Pisces is two fish. This dish is more interesting if you use a couple…

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Beer n’ Pippies Bluey – By Anthony Davies

Top with the pippy sauce, add a squeeze of lemon and serve.

The three main ingredients of this recipe can be found at many North Queensland beaches, blue threadfin salmon or bluey, the tasty little sand clams known as pippies, and of course beer from the local beachside bar. Blue salmon get a bit of a bum rap as eating fish, a bit like tailor further south.…

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Bride’s Lemon Butter Barra – By Anthony Davies

There's just enough time to whip up a Greek salad while this quick easy dish cooks.

When it comes to cooking seafood it’s a good idea to apply the “KISS” principle, that is “keep it simple, Silly” This family favourite from the Bride’s repetoire is a 3 ingredient simplification of the classic French Mueniere method. It works well with thick, meaty pieces of fish, like the full thickness fillet of a…

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Basic Bouillabaisse – By Anthony Davies

Serve in soup bowls with crusty bread.

Bouillabaisse is one of the classic dishes of Provencal cuisine from the south of France. Its preparation has become more and more complicated over time, distancing it from its origins as a fisherman’s simple one pot stew prepared from the unsaleable “rubbish” portion of their catch. One such trash fish was the Racasse or rockfish,…

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Keto Herb Fish Cakes – By Anthony Davies

Keto Herb Fishcakes

These days more and more of us are embracing the idea of healthy eating, and at the same time we fishos are becoming more committed to making full use of the fish we take for the table. This recipe from my mate Goody, AKA fishing guide Captain Daniel Goodhew, combines both concepts in a simple…

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