9 Mile Reef 12 57’504s 141 26’625e
This Various reef and rubble patches, common bait fishing grounds. Look for birds working in this area, popular grounds for trolling Mackerel and Tuna.


Cats Eyes 12 27’416s 141 35’774e
This Shallow reef area, collect ghost crabs or use large prawns for Black Spot Tuskfish. Fishes best when the tide is running.


Westminster Reef 12 43’281s 141 44’003e
This Reef and rock patches, various reef species. Look for baitballs and birds working, this area is nice and close to Weipa but often holds good baitball action with Queenfish, Mackies and Tuna


Weipa Billfish Club FAD1 12 49’762s 141 32’658e
This In 2015 the Weipa Billfish Club had 3 Fish Aggregating Devices installed in hope of enhancing recreational fishing, particularly that of the rapid growing Billfish fishery. FAD1 is the most accessible FAD being located off the 20m contour line. While the FAD is still new it is expected that Dolphin Fish, Marlin and Sailfish could all congregate around the FAD at certain times of the year.


Mission River Bridge 12 36’061s 141 53’667e
This The Mission River Bridge has a reputation for making big barra dreams come true. You can fish easily from the bank or use a boat to cast or troll the pylon’s. A big run in during the night can be very productive. BE CROC WISE in this area!!


Mangrove Island 12 35’194s 141 47’721e
This Troll shallow running lures over rock areas for big cod, fingermark, jacks and flick rock edges for barramundi. Be aware of very shallow rocks on approach.