1. River mouth 26 22.116s 153 05.009e
This spot holds good Mackerel and tuna in summer, live bait can be found here, search around this area to find it.


2. Jew shoal 26 21.650s 153 06.841e
Works well for Mackerel in summer and snapper in winter, rises up to 6m out of 20m of water, fish at night when the traffic is least.


3. Halls reef 26 20.353s 153 04.953e
Very under rated little reef, holds quality reef fish from time to time as well as Pelagic’s.


4. Misery reef 26 20.603s 153 08.668e
Often overlooked as it can be a bit hit and miss, but has produced Snapper and pearl perch as well as assorted reef species.


5. Sunshine reef 26 22.462s 153 08.282e
This is the northern end of the reef assorted reef fish and pelagic’s.


6. Sunshine reef 26 23.426s 153 08.226e
Mid-section of the reef holds coral trout and assorted reef fish, need live bait and a tight drag to get the trout here.


7. Sunshine reef 26 24.332s 153 08.509e
Try heading east of these points for better quality fish, look for the drop offs and bait.


8. North reef  area 26 18.204s 153 10.356e
Fishes well for snapper and other reef species, head east from here to 50m plus and you can find some good fish. Also extends north for a quite a few kilometres.


9. Teewah reef 26 13.511s 153 05.339e
Always a good stop for a feed of plate size reefies, good snapper spot in winter ,big cobia also prowl this area. Good Live bait spot.