Mooloolaba fishing can yield some gorgeous catches; right in the hear of the Sunshine Coast

1. Gneering shoals 26 38.916s 153 11.935e
Great inshore spot for mixed reef fish and pelagic’ species, head north east in winter to deeper water and drift the bait schools for big snapper july to September best dawn and dusk.


2. Murphy’s north
3. Murphy’s south
26 41.000s 153 15.300e
26 42.250s 153 16.000e
This reef holds a wide variety of fish, snapper, sweetlip, cod, parrot, cobia , mackerel, tuna and even legal red emperor.


4. Wreck 1. 26 42.325s 153 21.885e
This wreck is situated about 13nm east of Mooloolaba, fishes well for big cobia and assorted reef fish.


5. Wreck 2. 26 43.684s 153 23.914e
Snapper and pearl perch in winter cobia, Amber jack and other pelagics frequent this area.


6. Barwon banks 1. 26 31.354s 153 31.609e
This area have produced a huge variety of fish including snapper, red throat, green job fish, cod, coral trout, parrot and pelagic’s in season.


7. Barwon banks 2 26 31.131s 153 32.287e
Similar to the mark above, but head east to deeper water 50m plus during the day for quality snapper and pearl perch.


8. Barwon banks 3. 26 25.762s 153 34.333e
Northern end of the banks 28nm from Mooloolaba and 25nm east of noosa, great snapper area to north and south, plenty of structure if you hunt around to the NE of here that hold snapper, pearl perch and massive amber jack.


9. Barwon banks north 26 24.263s 153 35.262e
This is really the start of the hards, can get a bit of current here, but the fishing can also be a bit on and off, when it’s on expect some XL reef species especially at night.


10. Hards 1. 26 23.557s 153 35.217e
This spot is known for its big fish an overnight trip in this area is the go, snapper, pearl perch, amber jack, occasional Red Emperor and reef jacks on isolated rocks at night.


11. Hards 2. 26 21.858s 153 35.693e
32nm NE of Mooloolaba, trips to this area require some planning but expect to get the rewards with quality reef fish all day, move around and find bait.