Gold Coast (Offshore)

1. 27 47’201s 153 33’110e
This Shallow ground only 5 miles south east of Jumpinpin holds good Snapper in winter.


2. 27 52’001s 153 32’498e
This 40m area 7 miles NE of the Southport seaway goes well for Snapper, kingies and Cobia fishes best in winter.


3. 27 57’055s 153 26’983e
This Shallow area only 1.5 miles from the seaway fishes well for Snapper and pelagic’s, look around this area for bait.


4. 27 38’540s 153 36’580e
This Good ground 10 miles NE of Jumpinpin holds Snapper kingies and Cobia.


5. 27 50’170s 153 37’451e
This Deeper water that holds Snapper and some big amberjack on live baits, some nice pearl perch come from out in this area as well.


6. 27 50’130s 153 43’849e
This 17 miles E NE of the Southport Seaway a little deeper again and some arm stretching Kingies and Amberjack can be found here as well as good Snapper and Pearlies.