Double Island Point

1. Pinnacles 25 54.049s 153 12.626e
Located just NE of Wolf rock fishes well for trout and other reef species, a bit of ground here so move around, find bait, find fish. Also move to the flat areas nearby for good snapper feeding on the rubble patches.


2. Double island 7 mile 25 54.590s 153 19.398e
Holds good fish anything from Cod to Scarlet Sea perch to snapper and plenty of plate size pearl perch. Fish the bottom for big snapper in August/September.


3. Double island 12 mile 25 49.966s 153 23.223e
Scarlet sea perch, snapper, parrot, pearl perch and the odd Red Emperor can be found here. Can get a bit of current here in the summer.


4. Double island 12 mile 25 50.412s 153 22.710e
About 50m of water here with good reef fish most of the year.


5. Double island 19 mile 25 47.036s 153 29.642e
The bottom has less rise and fall here find small patches of isolated rock for Red Emperor, and other assorted reef fish. Current can be a problem have big leads on board.


6. Wide bay bar 20mile 25 46.216s 153 27.817e
This area is known for very isolated pieces of reef on reasonably flat ground. Red Emperor are a frequent catch if you find bait in this area. Big parrot, Cod and Hussar are also found here.


7. 35nm NE of Wide bay bar 25 37.854s 153 40.609e
Holds good Reds from time to time and assorted other reef species, this is further than most  day trippers will travel, current can be a problem out there particularly in the summer.


8. Wide Grounds NE of wide bay bar 25 35.494s 153 39.979e
Red Emperor country, search for small rises only a metre or two high with some bait, doesn’t need to be a lot.


9. Shelf country 25 30.501s 153 43.687e
About 40nm NE of the bar, search around this area as it is the start of the drop off, some high country around 40m dropping off around it to 70m and beyond and good drift for a few kilometres. Out there anything is possible, but sharks claim their share of good fish.


10. 35 mile NE of Wide bay bar 25 29.701s 153 33.007e
Snapper, Cod , Parrot , hussar and Red Emperor can be found out here, most people who chase Reds out here end up with many other trophy fish as by catch. Again most wide spots have current issues.