1.Bribie coffee rock 26 49.599s 153 08.246e
This area extends south along Bribie and fishes well in the winter for snapper and sweetlip and mackerel and tuna during summer.


2.Spoil grounds 26 49.710s 153 10.960e
Just inside the shipping channel, snapper,parrot,sweetlip and pelagics. Livies at shipping beacons to north and south.


Caloundra 5 mile 26 50.300s 153 13.250e
Sits in around 25m of water snapper,sweetlp and assorted reefies and mackerel in the summer months, good bait ground.


Currimundi reef 26 45.500s 153 12.550e
Some good pinnacles in this area fishes well for assorted reef fish and mackerel, find the bait and berley in winter for snapper.


3. Caloundra nine mile 26 47.165s 153 15.193e
Holds bait fishes well in winter for reefies and snapper, find bait  and use berley late afternoons and early mornings.


4. Wild banks artificial reefs 26 54.238s 153 17.290e
26 54.530s 153 17.463e

26 54.678s 153 17.829e
Sits halfway between Moreton and Caloundra, good bait, Jew, snapper, pelagic’s good coffee rock to the north of here big sweetlip on livies at night.


5. Trench 26 56.852s 153 25.271e
From this mark back to the wild banks attracts Marlin, dolphin fish ,wahoo ect pushing the bait up against the swallow banks to the south get your livies from the wild banks on the way and hang on.


6. Hutchies 26 56.494s 153 29.273e
This spot is a little north have a real good look around here, snapper, reefies and  wahoo.


7.Caloundra Wide South 26 51.260s 153 28.069e
A lot of flat country with small rises with scattered wire weed and bait, snapper and Pearl perch and amber jack. 18 nautical miles east of Caloundra.


8.Pearlies 26 49.995s 153 28.005e
A little further north some more scattered wire weed patches, snapper and pearlies.


9.Big snapper 26 44.714s 153 28.243e
Another proven area with scattered weed and rock in 60m to 70m of water find bait and drift for snapper, pearlies and parrot.


10.Caloundra wide north 26 44.076s 153 27.799e
Search around for the higher country, assorted reefies, snapper and pelagic’s in the summer.