1. Kings Point

16 56.294s 145 56.346e

16 56.768s 145 56.113e

Around a 15km trip from the mouth of the Cairns Inlet heading south will see you fishing the deep-water headland trenches of Kings Point. This area is renowned for Black Jew, Finger-mark and Coral Trout.

2. Fitzroy Island Wreck

16 57.554s 146 03.788e

Just off the back of Fitzroy Island this wreck is a haven for trevally and other pelagics. The best time to fish it is on the low light hours of the day.

3. Marlin Fingerst

16 51.899s 146 4.742e

When the juvenile back marlin move in this is the place to lay your spread of skipping gars, wog heads, and lures..

4. Jenny Louise Shoals

16 44.049s 146 19.997e

16 44.616s 146 20.449e

This shoal sits on the edge of the continental shelf and is an excellent spot to chase those deep water species..

5. Double Island Wrecks.

Wreck 1: 16 42 564s 145 40 729e

Wreck 2: 16 40 631s 145 42 499e

Wreck 3: 16 39 052s 145 44 238e

Behind the iconic Double Island are three wrecks which whilst well known continue to produce excellent fish especially pelagics through winter. Excellent option for small boat owners.

6. Pixie/ Oyster Reef.

16 31.072s 145 48.546e

16 37.742s 145 53.757e

This area is a greta inshore reef area which holds plenty of structure for both bottom and pelagic fish. During Spring this area also sees a great run of small marlin.

7. Trinity Passage

16 30.895s 145 54.748e

The passage through the GBR is a haven for deep water rubble ground which holds lots of red fish. This area is a great place to start exploring.

8. Trinity Wreck

16 30.079s 145 40.465e

This wreck is a good spot for those looking for some excellent inshore fishing for trevally, small nannygai and cobia.

9. Linden Banks

16 16.448s 146 0.135e

This iconic deepwater ground lies right on the continental shelf and is famous for its big marlin fishing. It also holds deep water structure which produces red emperor, nannygai right through to deep water species like flame tail snapper.