Bowen (Offshore)


Fishing is one of Bowen’s biggest attractions, with its numerous creek systems, coral studded islands, offshore reefs, and most importantly, abundant fish life. There are many options for all types of anglers.   Land based options including the Bowen Jetty, the rocks at the southern end of Kings Beach and the rocky outcrops at Horseshoe, Grays and Rose Bay. Whiting are caught around the mouths in the town area including Magazine Creek near the boat harbour, Doughty’s Creek at the western edge of town and Sandhills Creek at Kings Beach.
For boaties Bowen has a multitude of offshore fishing spots, including the fringing reefs around our inshore islands. These islands range between 1 and 18 NM from the Bowen Harbour and are named North Head, Stone, Middle, Gloucester and Holbourne. They all have abundant reef for both line and spear fishing.

Here are a few GPS marks to help you on your way:

Glouster Island

Glouster Island is a twenty kilometre boat journey from the Bowen Boat Harbour Ramp. This is the most suitable access option for larger boats as it provides no restrictions in terms of weather conditions, time, or tide. This stretch of water between the ramp and Glouster Island is known to be quite paddocky and sloppy especially during an afternoon north east wind, however it is a comfortable trip in 10 to 15 knots or less. Access to Glouster Island can also be achieved from launching at the southern end of Sinclair Bay at the township of Dingo Beach. This single lane ramp is restricted to tide heights and at least 1.8 metres of water is required to launch and retrieve boats. Whilst tide restrictions hamper the effectiveness of this spot, the fact that it is less than a 2 kilometre boat journey from Glouster Island makes up for it. Many small boat anglers utilise this ramp as it also provides protection from south east trade winds which usually dominate this area. It is also safe to leave your vehicle and trailer at Dingo Beach for extended periods at no cost. It is advisable for boats larger than 5 metres not to use this ramp unless you are launching and retrieving on the top of the tide.

1. Northern Edge 19 58.011s 148 26.711e
The Northern Edge is a deep spot which sees current wrap around the island creating a range of gutters in deep water. Perfect for deep water grunter, black jew and nannygai. This area is best access by the Bowen Boat Harbour Ramp although tidal restricted access is possible from nearby creeks.


2. Black Reef 19 59.453s 148 28.481e
Black Reef is a large bombie filled reef which sees good numbers of fingermark and grunter especially when fished at night,wall


3. The Glouster Passage 20 03.223s 148 28 14e
The Glouster Passage is a funnel for big fish like GT and Tusk Fish – fishing the wall with crab baits is an excellent idea.


Southern Bay

The Southern part of Dennison Bay is an amazing eco system with flats, rubble patches and reefs. These all hold good numbers of rocky reef species as well as pelagic fish.

1. Wintershoal S20.04.503, E148.18.210
Small shoal off Pool Island which is weedy and holds good numbers of sweetlip and coastal trout.


2. Cheybassa S20.04.296, E148.20.211
Large shoal with bombies off Thomas Island which is weedy and holds good numbers of sweetlip and coastal trout.


3. Bradys Reef S20.03.348, E148.24.982
Deep water reef which holds big numbers of trevally and cobia.


Stone Island

Stone Island is located a mere 4km from the mainland and is best accessed by the Bowen Harbour Ramp. The best fishing is on the southern edge where large isolated bombies lie in 10 to 20 metres of water. This spot is renowned for large coastal trout.

1. Stony Bombie 1:  20 02.998s 148 17.072e
2. Stony Bombie 2:  20 02.839s 148 16.833e


Queens bay Area

The northern waters of Bowen hold some excellent ground especially for pelagic fish. These include th famous Bowen Mack Patches which are renowned for its world class spotted and Spanish mackerel fishery. The area is also littered with wrecks and foul ground which also hold healthy numbers of demersels such as reds, fingermark and coral trout.

1. Foul 19 55.825s 148 16.326e
2. Wreck 19 56.726s 148 17.196e
3. Banana Wreck 19 55.775s 148 16.395e


4.  Mackerel Patches Inner Bowen Mackerel Patch – S19.55.558, E148.14.350

Second Bowen Mackerel Patch – S19.52.272, E148.12.544

Outer Mackerel Patch –

19 52.285s 148 12.515e

Southern Cross

Southern Cross is a located just off Kings Beach and is a small isolated reef which holds excellent reef fishing for small boaties. It is littered with large bombies in shallow and deep water. There is a shallow edge and deep edge and both are worth fishing.

1. Shallow edge: 19 59.673s 148 16.311e
2. Deep edge: 19 59.559s 148 16.340e


Abbott Point

The coal loading terminal of Abbott Point is an amazing place to fish. Its pylons hold big numbers of bait and also predatory fish. Around Abbott Point there are also some small reefs which also hold good numbers of fish.

1. Phillips Reef 19 52.117s 148 05.450e
Large bombie reef about 5 Km from the Abbott Point Jetty


2. The Ledge: 19 54.625s 148 05.777e
Just off the beach near the jetty is a large rocky ledge which runs for about 300 metres. This is perefect for chasing large tusk fish.