1. 5 mile 24 07.696s 151 59.429e
Great spot for live bait and always drop one back down, big reef fish are prowling below them and prize trout are often amount them.


2. 10 mile 24 06.949s 152 03.811e
This area is also known as the banana gutter, Find the sides of the gutter where bait is holding for assorted reefies including the prized coral trout, get the drift heading east and you will find lots of ground out here. Also good for live bait.


3. 1770 20mile east 24 04.147s 152 13.279e
Relatively flat country with small rises and scattered bait patches, head NW along this line to find Red Emperor and scarlet sea perch. Big spangled emperor come out to play of a night in this area.


4. 15m pinnacle 24 06.877s 152 22.229e
Rises up out of 35m of water fish the edges for trout and on top at night for red throat emperor and other assorted reef species.


5. Musgrave SW 1. 24 01.000s 152 16.458e
Some goof fish here at times, Reds, trout, scarlets ,cod and sweetlip of all varieties.


6. Musgrave SW 2. 24 00.896s 152 16.418e
Flat country, put in the time to find bait and be rewarded fish some nice reef fish including Red Emperor.


7. Wreck 24 04.671s 151 59.969e
This is just one of a number of wrecks that are off 1770 and most hold good fish including scarlet sea perch, cobia, but are sometimes plagued with trevally not giving the better fish a chance.


8. Boult reef 23 50.065s 152 07.064e
Inside Boult reef is an area that needs some persistence to find the bait in relatively flat ground, but is home to some great fish if you find the small rocks the live on.


9. Fitzroy bommies 23 42.809s 152 03.032e
Home to some good reef fish including coral trout, but gets a bit of a hiding though, some good fish lurk on the edges, takes on a whole new deal at night as the predatory reef fish move in.


10. Outside boult reef 23 44.878s 152 20.491e
This area has some ups and downs and holds a variety of great reef fish, including Coral trout, cod , red throat, parrot and hussar.


11. Outside boult 75m 23 41 837s 152 21.793e
About 8nm NE of Boult reef, this area the north and south in this depth is home to some trophy fish, be careful Red bass in habit this area and are often mistaken for mangrove jack.


12. Outside Fitzroy 23 35.289s 152 11.684e
Only a couple of miles to the NE of Fitzroy lagoon some nice ground in this area, work your way SE to find isolated rock that hold bait, Good Reds can be found here if you are persistant.