Paradise Found By Luke Galea

It's pretty hard to not get excited when the weather is this amazing.

I pen this article at the back end of what has been the best weather window I can ever remember. There was not a breath of wind and well below 5 knots each day but it was more about the eight or nine consecutive days of this. Not at any stage did it blow up…

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Nusa Penida Giants – By Dan Bowater

The author with a Nusa Penida giant! This fish was around the 20kg mark, which is actually considered ‘average’ for the area.

The last thing your average Aussie fisho wants to hear is someone bragging about a trip to Bali. So when I mention this story involves a Bali fishing holiday, please don’t stereotype me as that annoying person. As some of the readership would know, I lived most of my life in the Cairns/Innisfail region. The common belief…

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Humminbird 35th Annual Corroboree Park Challenge

Anglers of all ages are once again set to converge on Corroboree Park Tavern for the Humminbird 35th Annual Corroboree Park Challenge. Proudly organised by the Palmerston Game Fishing Club, the Corroboree Park Challenge is the longest running family fishing competition in the Northern Territory. Anglers will gather to fish the world class waters of…

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Cape Diversity! By Dave Donald

Extracting this beautiful barra from the snags behind took some teamwork and plenty of good luck. This fish culminated a busy few weeks, an unexpected but very welcome ‘present’ for the birthday boy.

Scott squeezed the car topper between a bunch of snags extending from both banks. The small creek, running southwards off the mighty Wenlock River, looked incredibly fishy in the early morning light, but so far had only produced interest from a couple of pesky archer fish. As I worked my Zerek live mullet through the…

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Organised chaos By John Boon

An organised boat will lead to many of these special moments

You’ve worked your butt off all day trying to reinforce that you are the fishermen that you say you are. You’ve worked ledges, snags and rock bars but so far the action just hasn’t happened. When it all feels like it has been lost and you pull into one final spot on the way home. …

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Crumbed Whiting Fillets – By Anthony Davies

The end result. A delicious whiting meal.

This month’s recipe is both simple and simply delicious, particularly when you use whiting fillets. Whiting are possibly the best tasting of all estuarine fish, and presented as boneless crumbed fillets they will find favour with the fussiest. The step by step instructions will benefit those new to filleting and cooking fish, and the recipe…

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Straying from the Plan – By Josh Behrendorff

The bottom fishing never really fired. Ethan did well to land this gold spot cod from a bit of rubble in 30m.

Do you head out fishing with a clear plan? I know I used to. I would look at wind, wave direction and tides, choose my target species and devise a plan for my day on the water. The problem with such planning is that I wouldn’t allow much adaptation. As an example, if I plan…

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Suspending Success – By Dan Kaggelis

One of the larger barra from the school. The orange-coloured lures were a real hit and most definitely my favourite colour.

One of the biggest advantages hardbody lures have over soft plastics is the ability to suspend. Being able to wind a lure down to a desired depth and get it to sit right in the face of a fish is very hard to beat. Barra in particular are an absolute sucker for a suspended lure…

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Dream On – By Dick Eussen

Barramundi dreaming is what the Cape is all about, but few areas on the east coast offer sustainable fishing.

Following the demand by UNESCO and the ICUN to the QLD Government to ban all net fishing north of Cooktown (Fish and Boat issue August 2023), Fisheries Minister, Mark Furner, announced that a new ‘working’ group has been created to ‘maximise’ fish tourism revue streams for Cape York communities. The11-member group is a non-statutory advisory…

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Fishing The Wildman- Chris Errity

The red scat accounts for another solid barra.

I only managed to get over to the Wildman a couple of times during the 2023 run-off, but it was well worth the effort. The Wildman has always been one of my favourite rivers to fish. There is a fair effort involved to get there early in the Wet season as it can only be…

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It’s Not Just a Barra Lure – By Curtis Waterman

This colour named “Axel” was a standout for the trip.

I’m not sure if you’d believe this or not, but working for a lure company has its perks! We like to use the phrase “someone’s gotta do it”, and this year “it” was a trip to Australia’s Northern Territory to do the filming and testing for the brand new Halco TBarra 80. Like proud parents…

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Dog Day Morning – By Bill Bowtell

Searching the inshore waters of the Keppel Bay coastline. Note the clear water.

Bearing little, to no, resemblance to the 1975 movie, “Dog Day Afternoon”, which starred, amongst others, one of my most favoured actors, Al Pacino, this above title highlights a productive, and fun’ early morning fishing session on another of my favourites, the Queensland school mackerel; commonly referred to as, ”Doggie mackerel”, or just plain, “Doggies”.…

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Our Hinchinbrook adventure – Part 2 – By John Boon

So, the first three days of our Hinchinbrook trip were quite tough as we covered last month. I guess it comes with any new destination that it takes time to figure it all out. Honestly, we really do enjoy putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Day four started pretty much the same as…

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Spicy Thai Trevally Koftas – By Anthony Davies

Serve with a Thai salad.

Thai food is regarded as tasty by most people, trevally less so , although smaller specimens of white-fleshed trevors like tea-leaf, bigeye and GT are actually excellent table fish. This recipe combines the exotic flavours of the far east with a middle eastern staple. Koftas are traditionally made with minced lamb or goat moulded into…

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Our Hinchinbrook Adventure – Part 1 – By John Boon

Luke battling to get the barra out of the wood work

It’s a bit of a shame really, the holiday that we had counted down to for so long has been and gone. Did we have the time of our lives? You bet we did. Did we absolutely slay the fish? Well, not exactly. Just with fishing any new place it takes time to work things…

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Effort Shift – the Impact – By Bill Bowtell

Reef fisher Kim Martin with a 5kg red Emperor. These fish are targeted by recreational fishers in the reef line fishery.

Queensland fishers, both recreational and commercial, have just experienced the first of the management changes for the east coast Spanish mackerel. These initial changes were a northern spawning closure above the 22*S line of latitude, from the 22nd October 2022 to the 12th November 2022 followed by a further three week closure in the same…

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Precious times – By John Boon

A great way to finish off the trip. Robin Boon with another solid large mouth nanny.

How long do we have? A very touchy question that can be answered in so many different ways. To most of us it would be somewhat rhetorical, as nobody really knows anyone’s timeline and when it’s suppose to finish. When fishing with friends and family every trip and every minute should be cherished as you…

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Back on the barra bandwagon – By Josh Behrendorff

6. The school sized fish were eager to take trolled lures, but reluctant to take anything that was cast.

Go barra fishing they say, it’ll be easy they say, or so it seems. 5-6 years ago, my family and I spent a lot of time targeting barramundi and we were able to have regular success. This all changed when I took on a more demanding job, sold the smaller boat to upsize and began…

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Deep Drop Fishing – Setting up – By Gyula Vari

Searching and exploring the depths.

If you have contemplated fishing deeper but haven’t yet had the opportunity, or just need a bit of a nudge to get out there and give this style of fishing a go, you will find this article particularly useful. As I have said in my previous deep drop fishing articles, this method of fishing is…

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Rocking On – By Dan Kaggelis

This big rock at the end of the rock bar held some epic jacks. You can even see one sitting just off the back of the rock.

There are many types of fishable structures in our creeks and estuaries. Whether its timber snags, drains, or undercut banks, my all-time favourite creek structure is rock. One of my favourite species when fishing around rocks is the mighty mangrove jack. Jacks love the pressure points and eddies that are found around rock structure and…

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